Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Story to Ponder

A Story to Ponder
By: Benz Abellada

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”     
Emerald is a rich man living in the northern island of the Philippines. He was born with acquired wealth obtained from the grandparents. Studied in conservative schools, socialize with elite people in town, and often travels to the exuberant places of his choice, just to name the last destination he went was on the cayman island.

Spending what he has is his leisure. Buying expensive jewelries, he always ensure to have the newest technology in the century, changing car of his choice, eating in the most luxurious resto’s is his routine.
Luxurious living is his fate and was destined for Emerald. Everything he desires is being accomplished including sex.

One time, Emerald was on his way to one of his condo’s situated in the Forth, a place were the elite’s stay. He sat on his $7,500.00 sofa and rest for a moment, he feels the comfort, stared the exhilarating landscape from the outside, listened to the relaxing music from the stereo when sudden pain attacks his chest. He started to collapse while he is trying to reach his phone to seek for medical assistance. Numbness covered emerald and was not able to say a single word when a medical representative answered Emerald’s call. He fainted and there is no one to help. The concerned medical personnel traced the location of Emerald and passionate to help. Emerald was rushed to the most expensive care unit in town. Hopeless seemed debugged Emerald when soon discovered that he has 12 hours to survive. Left lung collapsed, right ventricle was not responding, and extensive medication was resisted by his body. He was so hopeless to survive. Medical team gave up and euthanasia is the only choice.

Emerald  must have to say his goodbye’s to this one and only world. But, what about his properties? His money? His richest? Would they also bid goodbye?

Health is a hope that every human must treasure, once hope is there, everything would follow.